Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Back...

I am officially the world's worst blogger... I am on a computer at work ALL day long so when I get home that is the last thing I want to do. In order to start blogging like I should I have decided why not just do it while I am getting paid! The main reason I am even attempting to be better is because my sissy Lesley decided to leave us and move to Oregon... She left on Sunday and we are really sad =( but happy that their wish is coming true! This means we have a vacation spot already picked out and I am so excited to visit...

On to Haylee because she is what this blog is all about... Since I haven't blogged in so long I am going to talk about randomness. When she wakes up she has started saying "I'm up for the morning", and it's even better when she doesn't want to go to bed at night because she tries to come downstairs all cute saying "Mommy, I'm up for the morning"! Another new thing she has started saying is "I want to eat dinner". It doesn't matter what time of day it is, if she is hungry that is what she says.

I finally convinced Jimmy to watch Avatar on Saturday and of course Haylee didn't want to go to bed so I let her stay up for a little of it, and she kept saying "Mommy, they have tails" while giggling. It is so adorable to see her grow and learn. The innocence seriously takes my breathe away...

She has no interest in potty training and my philosophy is why rush it. She will eventually go on the potty and that's all that matters. I don't mind changing diapers and in some ways it is more convenient because I haven't had to time any outings yet. Soon enough I will have her in big girl panties and may miss the smell of a fresh diaper on her little booty.

That is all for now (Lesley). I hope to post again this week and I may even include a photo... (if your lucky) =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Let me start off by saying this month has been very difficult. Jimmy and I bought another house (Yay!) and we even found renters for our old house (Yay!!). The renters want to move in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE which shouldn't have been a problem since our house was due to close on 04/30/09, so everything was going to work out perfect. Wrong!! Let's see, what is today... May 12th? The house still hasn't closed!! For some reason the seller doesn't like signing paper work so we are just patiently waiting...

We went and signed all of the loan doc's last week and I found out my license expired! Really?? I was hoping that they would accept it anyway, but no such luck. They made me go get a new one. Yesterday I went to DMV and was there for 3 HOURS! Then I didn't even get my driver's license. They now mail it to you. Does anyone know when that changed?

I can't wait to finally be in the new house. It is so big (compared to our first house) and I love it! Hopefully everything will work out soon and we can move so I can start posting again (not that I did that often anyway).

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How the Tables have Turned...

Ever since Haylee was a baby she has loved her mommy and daddy, but she has pretty much always wanted me to hold her from naptime, and would cry when I would leave. Jimmy has always been the fun, playful daddy. Haylee loves it, but sometimes gets sick of him messing with her and comes running to me. Obviously Jimmy loves that Haylee loves her mommy, but I think sometimes it has hurt his feelings when she always wanted to come to me.

Well, the tables have now turned. All weekend long her new line was "hi daddy". She said it ALL day EVERY day. It is actually really cute the way she says it and I think it makes Jimmy feel good. Then she decided she wanted daddy instead of mommy and opened her arms for him to hold her. After that we had to take him to pick up his blazer. When I dropped him off she started flipping out. Crying and screaming yelling "daddy"!! I think he was in shock. I think I was in shock. It is so precious seeing her addicted to her daddy, but a part of me is sad that she isn't addicted to me anymore... I asked him why she loves him and not me. His answer was "I give her m&m's. If you start giving her m&m's she will love you"! He wasn't even trying to be funny but it cracked me up!

This post is for Jimmy. I want him to know how much his girls love him. I don't know what we would do without his constant humor and playful jokes. He is the best dad and boyfriend a girl could ask for... We love you!

P.S. This picture was taken by my sister Lesley. Isn't she good... BTW, Jimmy isn't going to like me posting this picture. Sorry honey but this is the most recent picture that we have.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

La la la la...

My friend Rachel and I took Haylee to the mall a couple of weeks ago. I don't know about your children but I know little Haylee bean hates her stroller. She cries, whines and pulls to get out. It is rather difficult trying on clothes with her acting the way she does. I managed to get through it and bought a couple shirts and on we went to many other stores.

Rachel kept asking if I wanted her to take Haylee out but I think she just really wanted to hold her so I told her that was fine. Her and Haylee had a great time with each other. Rachel was holding her and letting her walk while holding her hand. Haylee was in heaven. Then all of the sudden she takes off. We go running after her thinking where the heck is she going?? Sure enough there was an Elmo station... That little booth must make loads of money off parents like myself. There was NO WAY I was going to tell my little bean no after she was shaking her booty to the music screaming ELMO! ELMO!! So I got suckered in to a CD that is personalized so Elmo constantly says Haylee throughout the whole CD.

We put it in on the way home and were shaking our heads to the music (Haylee included). That girl LOVES to dance!! The next day I play it again while I am taking her to Kelly's. Elmo starts off by singing his "La la la la"... So Haylee says after him "La la la"!! So cute! Then Elmo says "Haylee, do you know how to get to Sesame Street"?? My little bean says "NO"!! Are you kidding me? It was one of the cutest things I think I have witnessed so far. Man I love that girl!

In case you are wondering if I am satisfied with the Elmo CD I say of course. I will say that it gets old really quick, but I can't help but get satisfaction out of seeing her moving and grooving to it. She definitely runs our house!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today started out so awesome I thought I should share it with you. I want to start off by saying I hate mornings. Dread getting up, wait until the last possible second before I get out of bed, and am usually late because of it. For some reason this morning was a little easier than most and found myself actually being on time.

I wake up Haylee, get her dressed, grab our stuff and head out the door. We are making great time! I am thinking I am actually going to be on time today. Hoorah!!!

We get in the car, I strap Haylee in, jump in the driver’s seat and… where are my keys? I check my purse... not there. I run back inside to check the table... not there. Hmm, where did I put them? Oh, that’s right. Jimmy pulled my car in last night. I wonder where he put them. Why don’t I call him.

Jimmy: Hi honey!
Stacey: Where are my keys?
Jimmy: Did you check the table?
Stacey: Yes!
Jimmy: Did you check your purse?
Stacey: Yes!
Jimmy: Did you check the kitchen counters?
Stacey: Yes! Should I throw everything off of them to double check?
Jimmy: No. What about the coffee table. Did you check there?
Stacey: Yes! Where are my keys???
Jimmy: I don’t know honey I’m not there.
Stacey: Well you had my keys last. Where could they be?
Jimmy: Check my shorts. They shouldn’t be there but check in case.
Stacey: They are not there. Ugh! Goodbye.

I keep looking with no luck. I decide to call him back hoping he remembers where he put them.

Jimmy: Hi.
Stacey: I can’t find my keys. This is ridiculous. I am going to be so late to work.
Jimmy: Giggle, giggle. I don’t know where they could be.
Stacey: You think this is funny!!!! This is not funny! Goodbye.

Next call is to my mom.

Mom: Hi Stacey.
Stacey: Mom I can’t find my keys anywhere. Jimmy had them last and I don’t know where he put them. What am I going to do?
Mom: What about your spare key?
Stacey: We lost that one a long time ago. I am going to be so late!
Mom: Do you want me to come get you?
Stacey: Yes!

Is all I have to say is I feel bad for Haylee at this point. I was so stressed out and she could totally tell and so she started getting fussy too. We get out of the car and go back in the house and wait for my mom. Jimmy keeps calling me and I won’t answer because I am so mad. He doesn’t stop so I finally answer. Here is a rundown of how our conversation went.

Jimmy: Did you find them?
Stacey: No!
Jimmy: I’m coming home to get you.
Stacey: My mom is already on her way. Goodbye.

My mom gets to my house and is trying to help me think of where they could be. She says, Stacey did you check his bathroom? That is usually what men do right before they go to bed. I tell her I already checked there. She tells me to check again. I go for his shorts again and as I pick them up I see something below hidden somewhat underneath a massive collection of magazines. What do ya know… it was my keys!!!

Really? How did they end up there? And furthermore how did my mom know they were there? When will I become psychic? Does it develop at a certain age or when my child reaches a certain age? At this point Haylee is over me and my drama so she wants her Grandma. She won’t come to me. She wants to be with someone nice and calm. Whatever Haylee get in the car! I love mornings like this.

After today I don’t think Jimmy will misplace my keys anytime soon. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like it when psycho Stacey appears. Who knows, maybe he likes it when I am a crazy lunatic.

I would like to end by saying thank you to Haylee for dealing with her mommy this morning and thanks to my mommy for helping me. Good times!

P.S. This picture was taken by Auntie Lesley! Thanks Auntie!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

can i catch a break...

Photo taken by Auntie Kristy.. Thank you Auntie Kristy!

I decided I wanted to take off a little time around the holidays because I haven't taken off any time (other than I have Fridays off which I absolutely love). So I thought what a great idea taking off some time but only using a few vacation days because we are off a few days anyway. So I took off the week of New Year's which ended up being from Thursday 12/25/08 to Sunday 01/04/08. It was awesome!!!!

Haylee and I had so much fun hanging out. We went to Auntie Dara's to see her and the boys and she gave Haylee the coolest little table and chairs for her to sit and color at. Then we had a little photo shoot with Auntie Lesley so she could get some more pictures of Haylee since the first go around didn't go so well (other post to come about her shoot). We also had some momma, daddy and Haylee time since he was off from Thursday 1/1/08 to Sunday. Life couldn't have been better. I was able to sleep in EVERY day until about 8am. I really couldn't ask for more.

So Monday morning came and it was time to go to work. Boo!!! So we head off to Kelly's so I can drop my little bean off and get to work. Let me tell you. It was already getting a little hard dropping her off because she would get fussy, but that did not compare to how she was on Monday. She was wrapping her legs around me so I could not put her down. She would cry when Kelly was trying to take her (and she likes Kelly), and she kept saying "NO WAY"... break my heart, stomp on it, and then throw it in the garbage. It sucked!!! I finally told Kelly to just take her because I had to get to work (and of course was already late) and I left with her crying. Kelly said she stopped soon after I left which is good, but I can't take that everyday. I already hate leaving her as it is, please Haylee... don't make it harder.

I will say today was a little easier thanks to Auntie Kristy. She gave me a toy puppy that talks on Saturday when I saw her and I left it in my car. Today when we got in the car Haylee saw it and immediately wanted it. She was talking with it and laughing at it and when it said "I love you" she said "I love you" back to it. It was so darn cute! So when I got to Kelly's I decided to bring the toy in with us since it was such a hit in the car. She was just hugging it so I set her down and she was fine. Then I walked to the door and told her bye and she just kept hugging the puppy. I think that is her new best friend! Thank you Auntie Kristy... You saved my life today!!

So I am officially done whining and seriously need to get to work. My next post is on her photo shoot because her pictures turned out awesome thanks to her Auntie Lesley... Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

shout out...

Kristy and I at Lesley's baby shower. These were the skinny
days (well at least for me). Kristy is still skinny!!

I just realized I never posted a thank you to my sissy Kristy for re-doing my page. Isn’t it gorgeous? I am not computer savvy, nor do I want to be, so thank goodness my other sissy’s are! I think because I am on a computer at work all day long that is the last thing I want to do for fun at home. That is also why I never post. However, I really am trying to get better so Jimmy, Haylee and I can look back and have vivid memories of our past.

Somehow I steered from my original post. Again, thank you Kristy for all you do for me. I love, love, love my new page. Every time I go to it I love it even more…

BTW, I totally stole this posting idea from Ange. I saw it on her blog and thought what a great idea! Sorry Ange =). Love ya!